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Meet Dr. Bahar

Photo of Dr. Bahar Amin, MD.

An expert that listens.

Dr. Bahar Amin is a board certified Anti Aging, Functional, Metabolic and family doctor, educator, wife, and mother to twin girls. She is a conventionally trained physician who takes a holistic approach in managing patient health. Her goal is to help you regain your health by addressing the root cause of your symptoms as opposed to simple drug solutions.


After suffering for years with exhaustion and irritability that prevented her from being the wife and mom that she wanted to be, she managed to diagnose and treat herself. She refocused her medical career to help others get their hormones back in balance.

Dr. Bahar's complete medical wellness approach uses scientifically-based treatments, fitness, and nutrition to help you restore your energy, memory, mood, hormones, libido, and even desirable weight. Dr Bahar can also help you stop taking unnecessarily prescribed medications.


Dr Bahar's mission is to spread the message that having a balanced and healthy lifestyle with leveled hormones and lively organs will always be the best medicine.

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